Learn to Believe in You.

"Whether you're an actor, playwright, photographer, chef, painter, architect or singer like me, or are passionate about any artistic endeavor, or have been longing to be, the conscious and unconscious negative feelings and beliefs you have about yourself are at the core of the obstacles you've faced reaching your goals."

                - Steve Fogelman

As an LGBT or ASD artist -or one in any marginalized  group of society- the traumas we've experienced frequently leave us lacking self-love, struggling to confidently express our artistic self, and likely make ineffective creative, life and love decisions. One way many cope is through humor, to keep people laughing with us instead of at us. That was my only coping mechanism for quite a while that lead to me becoming a stand up comedian.

When I learned the key to moving through obstacles is to develop a more loving feeling towards yourself, which you might also call "learning to believe in yourself," I knew, with time, I could bring more happiness and joy into my life.


I'm not a Zen Buddhist -although I believe in many Buddhist principles - but found my 

own similar path to enlightenment through self love development. So if you believe in any Higher power, and not only desire to live with more peace and happiness to reach your creative goals, but also believe you're worthy to do so, I can help. If you don't feel worthy, you won't see the value in spending money on yourself to create a happier life.


I offer a variety of services and programs related to spiritual and self-love coaching. There might be one just right for you!  Please visit my Programs & Pricing page for more details.

My coach credentialing starts at the acclaimed Life Purpose Institute - one of the forerunners of life coach training since the 1980's - where I received certificates in both Life and Spiritual Coaching. Also, membership in International Coach Federation (ICF) is important, to assure you I possess core coaching competencies, maintain ethical standards, complete continuing education, and advocate diversity, inclusion and justice.


I'm a multi disciplined artist who spent the first 54 years of a tumultuous life undiagnosed on the autism spectrum. Growing up as a closeted gay, 'weird,' overweight kid, I know first hand how being oblivious to the traumas you're drowning in creates paralyzing blocks and self-doubt preventing you from reaching goals.


Luckily, I had some self awareness and developed many successful coping tools. And along that journey of self discovery, I also came across a positive spiritual understanding of how the Universe works and discovered effective alternative healing modalities and practices, and have been able to overcome critical pieces of my past traumas, and continue to heal and grow. Along with my highly empathic and intuitive nature, I channel the right powerful questions to ask to help you find the answers you need to be the you you desire.



"Steve is extremally sensitive, caring and patient and bent over backwards to create a safe space for exploration and change. Most important, Steve helped me develop a path as well as making me see that what I desire is absolutely possible."

Steve put me so at ease and made me extremely comfortable to open up and figure out where I am and where I’d like to go. We explored what’s getting in my way, which not only made me realize what I already having going for me, but also, and most importantly, he helped me recognize my self-worth. 

  Having Steve’s insight and constant feedback was so empowering from the very start. He genuinely listened and thoughtfully planned and prepared for each of our sessions.  Our time together was always productive and he gave me a jump start that I have so desperately needed in getting my life, not only in order, but moving forward with confidence and direction. 


After years of corporate structure, I found it difficult to structure my days, and through a mission statement, visualization and setting weekly goals, I was able to create a new sense of structure.  He also helped me recognize that I did not have to fill each day with a bunch of tasks just so I could feel as if I was accomplishing things. 


I can't thank Steve enough for helping me out during lockdown. Before, I'd been feeling rather low but Steve was able to help turn it in into positive energy and put my doubts into perspective. For that i'm grateful. A royal thumbs up from a young man in England.