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Unlike therapy, consulting or mentoring, the coaching process is designed to help facilitate the client's discovery of their own answers to the questions or needs they have in creating the life they want. The goals set are 100% your decision. The action steps towards those goals and time frame are defined by you, while I provide support, feedback and define accountability. In addition, I help identify mental and spiritual blocks and obstacles towards reaching those goals and facilitate ways to move through them.

The spiritual aspect of the coaching I offer is without a religious point of view. I only deepen your relationship with that Power, and use It to assist in energy clearing: I work with you and Them.



If you're looking to take your expression to the next level, but find yourself stagnating from procrastination, outright fear, shame, anger and anxiety, my approach can help you not only enhance presence, confidence, and creativity, but also improve relationships, release attachments and clarify your visions of yourself as an artist and the path to get there, by helping create a more relaxed and loving you.
I can be very helpful at any point in your career when you recognize the need to go deeper into your self awareness. I can also be very helpful to actors who've only trained in scene study classes providing opportunities for some of the mental training gained in a conservatory environment.


I believe that how one feels about themselves is at the core of how successfully they interact with the world and achieve goals. So I first need to learn how you feel about yourself and the craft and business of acting by you completing a proprietary questionnaire. 

My coaching moves forward with ways to gain self-awareness to achieve self acceptance using my book, The Self Love Journey, as a guide for 

your weekly goals that include specific, realistic and achievable activities with a timeframe for completion. You can choose to use the time to learn how to bring more spirituality to your craft or you can focus on dealing with anxiety. The focus of work is tailored to your desired outcome.

Some type of daily meditation and journaling are recommended for expediting the process but are not required.

I will often suggest pertinent handouts as homework you may choose to do. My spiritual coach training taught me several effective energy clearing practices you can choose to be performed to reduce the effect of past people and events, and reframe your feelings of self. This isn't therapy, but the work you do outside our meetings can be quite emotional.

You'll be given a session prep form to complete before each session including what you'd like to work on. Together we clarify, agree on a goal for the session, and proceed.


As I am highly intuitive, I may also include spiritual input I receive during the session if permitted.. 


Some processes and techniques can have immediate effect, but overall, coaching is a cumulative process over months where one gets out as much as they put in.  Every individual has their own pace at how they accomplish new things and I, as a coach don't push, only encourage you to create your own accountability. Developing lasting empowerment doesn't happen overnight, but simply acknowledging your desire for change, and taking the first steps like getting a coach, can start the shift. Some may need a coach for a few months, others for several years.


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