My mission as a life coach is to teach, inspire and motivate artists like myself, to believe in themselves and their talents, to fully express their soul in confidence. I started training towards International Coach Federation (ICF) certification during the 2020 pandemic initially to be able to help my fellow thespians adapt to the life-altering reality, not only in the US but also around the world and worked with clients in New York, Los Angeles and the UK. The ICF credential is important so clients know I adhere to ethical and educational standards.


After an initial consultation, and deciding to work together, the first session or two is focused on self exploration where the client is given tools to fill out to dig deep and figure out what makes them tick, and what's been getting in their way.

Depending on what that reveals, the next step is either Goal Setting, where we take what was discovered along with desires, and turn them into specific, realistic and achievable goals with a timeframe for completion, or begin the 7-Step Model for Change focusing on blocks and obstacles, and how to integrate the new you into your new life.

Every session from then on will be the client's decision what to work on and we discover action plans for success. Life has a way of happening so new goals can always be added as needed.



Steve will be expanding the coaching pages with a video blog, self-help tips and his favorite topic on finding happiness: Self Love