My mission as a life coach is to teach, inspire and motivate artists like myself, to believe in themselves and their talents, to fully express their soul in confidence. I started training towards International Coach Federation (ICF) certification during the 2020 pandemic initially to be able to help my fellow thespians adapt to the life-altering reality, not only in the US but also around the world and worked with clients in New York, Los Angeles and the UK. The ICF credential is important so clients know I adhere to ethical and educational standards.


After an initial consultation, and deciding to work together, the first session or two is focused on self exploration where the client is given tools to fill out to dig deep and figure out what makes them tick, and what's been getting in their way.

Depending on what that reveals, the next step is either Goal Setting, where we take what was discovered along with desires, and turn them into specific, realistic and achievable goals with a timeframe for completion, or begin the 7-Step Model for Change focusing on blocks and obstacles, and how to integrate the new you into your new life.

Every session from then on will be the client's decision what to work on and we discover action plans for success. Life has a way of happening so new goals can always be added as needed.


STACEY, Columbia, MD

I realized after a series of discussions with Steve that there were ways to remove some of the barriers that were getting in the way of my progress as a nurse and artist.  Having Steve’s insight and constant feedback was so empowering from the very start. He genuinely listened and thoughtfully planned and prepared for each of our sessions. He held me accountable for assignments and carefully reviewed all of my responses. Our time together was always productive and I can say without any doubt that Steve gave me a jump start that I have so desperately needed in getting my life, not only in order, but moving forward with confidence and direction. I highly recommend Steve!

RICHIE, Brooklyn, NY

I never worked with a life coach nor was I sure what a life coach does and if a life coach could even help me.  I went for it and to my surprise it was an enlightening experience. At first meeting, Steve put me so at ease and made me extremely comfortable to open up, to figure out where I am and where I’d like to go. We explored what’s getting in the way and what’s holding me back, which not only made me realize what I already having “going for me”  but also, and most importantly, he helped me recognize my self-worth. 

Steve is extremally sensitive, caring and patient and bent over backwards to create a safe space for exploration and change. Most important, Steve helped me develop a path as well as making me see that what I desire is absolutely possible.  My sessions with Steve were invaluable and will always be grateful for his time, energy and service.

BECCA, New Haven, CT

Steve helped me see that my skills and interests translate to other industries outside theater.

TOM, Sheffield, UK

I can't thank Steve enough for helping me out during lockdown. Times like these it can be easy to perseverate and overthink about the future, leading to overwhelming anxiety. Before lockdown I'd been feeling rather low but Steve was able to help turn it in into positive energy and put my doubts into perspective. For that i'm very grateful. Seal of approval and a royal thumbs up from a young man in England.

JANICE, Los Angeles, CA

After so many years of corporate structure, I found it difficult to structure my days to achieve the progress that was necessary.  Through a mission statement, visualization and setting weekly goals for which Steve held me accountable, I was able to create a new sense of structure.  He helped me recognize that I did not have to fill each day with a bunch of tasks just so I could feel as if I was accomplishing things. I found working with Steve very helpful in navigating this uncertain period in my life.