11-Week Package $1499


Whether you are a beginner or seasoned pro, there is always room to grow if you want. And my coaching focuses on the common intangibles to all the arts that a coach with spiritual training can facilitate: Enhancing whatever quality of a higher power that is in your work. In acting it might result in a stronger presence. For a painter a new understanding of color, and for a filmmaker perhaps bringing a stronger sense of humanity to the screen. 

To get there, I ask a lot of questions:

  •  What is your artistic intension?

  •  Does your art balance in your life as desired?

  • What is your desired level of success?

  • What can you do to elevate your art?

  • From where can you draw inspiration you never thought possible?

The first session is a discovery, where we answer some of these questions, discover your strengths and weaknesses and your desired areas of growth. Subsequent sessions create action plans on how you’d like to move forward and meet your growth goals.

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22-Week Package  $2599


Following the outline of my upcoming book The Self Love Handbook: A Spiritual Guide to Enjoying the Human Experience, this process combines consulting and both life and spiritual  coaching, where each week half the session focuses on 11 topics from the book including Internal Validation & Surrender, Self Awareness & Life Mirrors, Self-Forgiveness, Attachments & Expectations, Compare & Despair, Ancestors, Boundaries, Power of Loss, Health, Hygiene & Diet, and Self Care. The other half of the session you are coached on action steps you would like to take on that topic and from weeks past. Journaling and meditation are suggested outside activities to facilitate the desired goal, but are not mandatory.


1 Hour 50 Minute Session $300


Many playwrights and artists dread writing the Artist Statement and synopses, mostly because they have no certainty how to do it. Help is here to assist in extracting your thoughts and organizing them in a compelling way. The Artist Statement would include abstracts like who you are, who you are as an artist, the intensions of your art and why. The story synopsis looks at the who, what, where, when, how and why of your story, not a plot summary. Having someone outside yourself ask you these detailed questions makes easy work of it.

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11-Week Package $1199

22-Week package $2299


Every client is welcome to extend coaching at the lower rate to either continue the initial work or focus on their heart’s desire.



4 50-minute Sessions $699


Want to test the waters or wean away from coaching? This is that opportunity. Each package is valid for four months, so this is a great options for those either wanting to check their progress  month-to-month, or only desire once-a-month coaching.




$250 per 50 minutes


You have my time for 50 minutes for consulting or coaching on any topic I am qualified to discuss.


Size Limit 10

2 Sessions $50


A completely different experience hopping on a group call can lead to completely different life transformations. And it costs less and affords you the opportunity to encounter people of similar interests. While the topic may not be your personal choice, it will be something decided by the group majority or announced before the meeting.


Unlimited Size

Each Session $15


These calls are more about connecting and self-motivating and being part of a group, where the topic is often an area of life needing awareness. Little to no individual attention is common.

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