Selecting a coach is personal and subjective, so you need your intuition to know what is best for you.  I trained with the highly acclaimed Life Purpose Institute, one of the forerunners of life coach training since the 1980's. Membership in International Coach Federation (ICF), and achieving ICF certification is important, so clients know I possess core competencies, maintain ethical standards, and advocate diversity, inclusion and justice. I don't convince anyone of anything, so it's best to know coaching is right for you before contacting me to see if we're the right fit.

I bring not only a unique perspective to coaching, but also a battery of tools, skills and life experience. I stumbled into coaching during the 2020 pandemic when I felt a calling to focus my life on others.  I had always enjoyed helping people succeed, and the Universe directed me into coaching through a series of non-coincidental coincidences. When Broadway and all theater and film production shut down, I knew my fellow actors and entertainment professionals could benefit the most from my assistance, in either finding new life purpose or adjusting to the changed world. However; my practice clients, whether a Broadway veteran or recent university grad, all had one thing in common that I shared, a lack of believing in their talent. After completing my first level of training at Life Purpose Institute, I then began learning what is called Human Design, which helps clients design their life in alignment with their soul.

Throughout my life I have always been both creative and entrepreneurial, starting with receiving a degree in architecture from Carnegie Mellon

University. I then studied acting after college in Los Angeles at The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and later changed side hustle getting a Pro Chef certificate to open a catering business, keeping busy working for my filmmaker friends.  A few years later I changed directions and became a resort wear designer for my own line, ST MARTIN.


But that business was not successful and financed through my house so 2008 hit me hard. I experienced an incredible loss similar to what many endured in 2020. Although recovery took a while, I found light at the end of the tunnel.  


So that is why I’m great with actors and creative personalities, as I understand the process, the potential blocks and self-doubt as I’ve been in the trenches and know first hand how it prevents you from reaching goals. And along that journey of self discovery, I came across a positive spiritual understanding of how the world works, came across effective alternative healing modalities, and became proficient in Feng Shui. Along with my highly empathic and intuitive nature, I know the right powerful questions to ask to help you find the answers you need to be the best you can be.